Business Transformation

Business Transformation

by Ray Sylvain
By coordinating people, processes, technological advances, internal or external factors, organizational structure, and Business Process Re-engineering, SAI transforms businesses to align more closely with their vision.

We Transform Businesses

SAI helps our clients deliver products and services better, faster and cheaper for their customers and stakeholders. SAI can create transformative solutions for our clients, or partner with them to identify, isolate, improve and implement business processes. This is done to decrease costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue or market share.

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All business improvements require change, yet effecting change is often the single most difficult aspect of new operations. SAI provides managers the structure, training and support to help organizations chart a path to implement effective change.

Competing businesses, outdated processes and untapped technologies often change the expectations of customers and stakeholders. SAI helps clients reinvent business processes with turn-key technological solutions and lean processes to exceed client and stakeholder expectations. Our expertise with technology and process thinking offer powerful, transformative solutions

When processes cause organizations to struggle with meeting strategic, operational or tactical goals, SAI can team with employees, managers and stakeholders to help establish streamlined systems and improve management practices with a clear focus on customer needs. Our consultants bring decades of knowledge and experience to help clients create and sustain high performance processes

SAI helps clients achieve strategic objectives, and to avoid wasted effort, by aligning management, processes and projects to effectively reach those objectives. SAI experts facilitate teams in identifying effective goals and tactics for measuring, managing and executing the organization’s key processes and projects.

Achieving Operational Excellence requires employees to see their work from a process perspective, and to be able to apply proven problem-solving tools/concepts to overcome the client organization’s challenges. SAI’s experienced instructors deliver training on many topics which form the basis for Lean Six Sigma, Practical Problem Solving and Leading Change Management. Having knowledge in effective problem solving is vital, but is only half of the equation. SAI’s instructors also provide shoulder-to-shoulder coaching on how to apply this knowledge in day-to-day activities, developing both managers and employees into effective problem solvers.

A project communication plan that guides the messages to a project’s affected stakeholders is critical to a project. The effectiveness of project communications throughout the life cycle of the project can make the difference between success and failure. SAI experts create high-level Communication Management Plans that define the communication requirements for client projects. These plans include:

  • The plan’s purpose and approach
  • Communication goals and objectives
  • Communication roles
  • Communication tools and methods
  • High level project communication messages
  • Any specific requirements or standards that govern the project, where applicable