IT Solutions & Services

IT Solutions & Services

by Ray Sylvain
SAI provides a select group of highly experienced professionals for our client’s IT Services and Solutions needs. Our staff has designed, developed and deployed business IT solutions in Private- and Public-sector environments ranging from enterprise software-as-a-service to mobile and desktop applications. We actively listen to our client business needs and spend time seeking clarification of our understanding of the problem with our clients prior to solution design. We strive to fully comprehend what is required before crafting the most flexible, holistic answer to the client business challenge at hand. SAI staff has used this methodology to delight our clients with innovative solutions employing a wide array of integrated and standalone architectures.
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Full Lifecycle and Mobile Application Development

SAI understands that not every organization can use the most modern development processes and strategies. Our IT professionals have lead, and participated in, every aspect of systems development life cycle processes using traditional and contemporary methodologies. Whether our clients use Waterfall or Agile, or need to transition their business to a new way of meeting IT needs, SAI has been through it before and can help leadership ensure project or IT transformation success. We can provide end-to-end support, starting with Enterprise Architecture, through requirements development, technology assessment and selection, and ending with solution design, project planning and delivery. We also advise leadership along the way to ensure that organizations are consulted, buy into the process and receive training which ensures successful solution adoption. Whether it’s modernizing an existing technology or migrating to mobile solutions in the cloud, SAI has successfully helped our clients see their IT journey through.

Innovation does not stop. To see ROI on a technology solution or service, performance metrics are required. Our solution design always includes a way to measure how well it works, which will, through analysis, illuminate a path toward improvement. As new technology becomes available, IT solutions must also be flexible enough to take advantage of them. Our company prides itself on using the twin guiding lights of metrics and flexibility to lead our clients to innovation through solution design. There may be trade-offs to satisfy business needs when recommending or developing IT solutions for selection. It’s possible that not all requirements can be met immediately, leaving capability gaps in the Business IT Architecture. Using our holistic understanding of our client needs, SAI staff takes great care to clearly present those trade-offs to client leadership. We will also deliver a plan to fill those gaps in the future by designing solutions flexible enough to grow, and by identifying the right data for analysis to know when that time has come, and building both into the IT solution.

SAI can provide our clients with a full range of user interface and user experience design resources, including marketing expertise as part of the solution design phase. Our IT environment can also provide application and data hosting for development or production needs.

Our staff offer highly developed communication skills for authoring documents and training or solution content. We have direct experience in providing the tools necessary to communicate an executive leadership vision for process needs, the intellectual capital to market the message internally and externally, as well as the development of online resources necessary to get all stakeholders trained and up to speed before or during IT solution deployment.