Strategic Planning, Architecture, & Execution

Strategic Planning, Architecture, & Execution

by Ray Sylvain
SAI’s Strategic Planning, Architecture and Execution Capability and Services help our clients establish organizational strategies, define the architecture that describes “how” and “what” is needed to achieve that strategy, and oversee the execution of the architecture to ensure the strategy is achieved.

The Value of SAI Strategic Planning, Architecture & Execution Services

SAI understands the importance of knowledge both of your organization’s business, and of the tools that enable you to deliver the best service possible to your customers – internal and external. We also understand that without proper planning and execution, even the most informed decisions will be much more difficult to execute. SAI provides proven staff who have successfully implemented solutions as both consultants and solution owners, so you can be confident in our abilities.

Christal Russ
Senior Enterprise Architect
Sylvain Analytics, Inc.
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An organization’s senior leadership responsibility is to establish a successful and achievable strategy where goals, objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and measures are established to ensure a successful implementation of the strategy. SAI’s keen ability to collaborate with our clients to identify those keys elements of the strategy, and describe how it can be achieved through people, processes and technology, is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our Team’s in-depth experience provides our clients with real-world examples of industry successes and failures, which helps our clients understand first-hand the importance of a sound strategic plan.

Any organization that is implementing change needs to have a blueprint to understand the impacts of that change. Creating that blueprint requires a detailed understanding of your organization’s business and technology landscapes. SAI’s architects have the experience and toolsets to help you document your business and technology architectures in their entirety and provide your organization the knowledge of how they interact so you can make the best decisions and be confident in positive results.

Process Simulation provides organizations a controlled environment to assess process options. It allows organizations to forecast the time and money impacts of changes to a process, without having to first implement the change in real-time. SAI understands the critical data required to effectively implement Process Simulation and how to use Process Simulation results to provide the greatest benefits to your organization.

Effective Portfolio Management allows your organization to evaluate the costs and benefits of pursuing various strategies to achieve strategic objectives. It involves prioritizing investments and related outcomes while also understanding the risks to following each path. But making the best decision is only the beginning and Transition Planning helps ensure successful implementation, including motivating your employees to embrace the change, while minimizing your risks. SAI has helped clients realize these benefits and will work with your organization to help you understand all aspects of your decision-making and transition processes.

Understanding your organization’s business and technical architectures and how they interact is critical to a successful architecture program, but the real value of this knowledge is the ability to determine how changes will impact both your business and technology landscapes and to set up the appropriate governance processes and teams to make decisions that allow the greatest benefit at the lowest cost. SAI has the experience you need to provide quality governance solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your enterprise architecture.

With decades of experience providing architecture and technology solutions to both the public and private sectors, SAI understands that quality solutions begin with a broad knowledge of both the needs of your organization and the best-of-breed options in the market to fulfill those needs. Our enterprise and solution architects continuously monitor current business and technology products and solutions to assess current and scalable alternatives, and we present them in clear and concise deliverables, so your organization can feel confident in their decision-making process.

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